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This is going to be a minimal wiki for our Tuesday night game.

I’ll be adding basic world info on the Obsidian Portal page. Things about the Sassarine, pics where they might be useful, basic NPC info (it will be up to the players to write notes if they want them) and maps. You can also send me public and secret DM messages.

I do ask that you PLEASE create and keep accurate a character sheet on here. List your background, personality traits, flaws, etc. And I would love to hear a brief world view of this party. Half Orc… are you an ostracized outcast? Does the gnome have little man syndrome? And what drives the wizard to want to cast spells anyways?

Also, if there are any class archetypes that you find on www.DMsGuild.com, and its not broken, new spells, feats, backgrounds, etc… run them by me and I’d be glad to try to add them to the game. I even thought about trying crafting/downtime activities, etc. Let me know your thoughts. EVERYTHING about your character is adjustable till you reach level 3.

I am not planning on adding an adventure log. If players want to update the adventure log, they are welcome to. I’ll even be glad to add an xp/or other reward for those that do. However, it won’t be mandatory. Just remember, this is a Wiki – ANYONE can make changes, add notes, pics, whatever. So go for it!

Please update as soon as any changes are to be had (new spells, feats, changes). I guess what I am saying is – don’t wait till Monday night or Tuesday afternoon.

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