Champions District


Champion’s District towers over Sasserine’s western skyline, a district of soldiers, gladiators, mercenaries, and warriors who follow in the footsteps of the city’s first lord-mayor, a priest of Kord named Teraknian. Champion’s District has a not so-friendly relationship with the Noble District, and citizens see themselves as the true and rightful leaders of the city.

LorchesterCrest.jpgChampion’s District’s representative nobles are the Lorchesters, old blood who have been established in Sasserine nearly from the city’s foundation. The family’s patriarch, Neldrak Lorchester, is generally thought to be a bit too scheming for his own good. The Lorchesters have recently clashed with Cudgel District’s Taskerhill family over ownership of Thunder River Lumber. Closer to home, they’ve been at odds with another Champion’s District noble family, the Toregsons. Rumor holds that the source of the conflict between the Lorchesters and the Toregsons has something to do with the Smith’s Guild.

Also of note in Champion’s District is the Scarlet Embassy. This relatively new structure is the home of one Anteki Alresian, an ambassador to the sinister and (some would say) untrustworthy Scarlet Brotherhood. Anteki’s presence in the city, and in Champion’s District, has been nothing but positive on the surface-he’s donated a fair amount of resources to public works, and the Embassy has an open door policy for visitors. Still, rumors abound that the Embassy is nothing more than a front used by the Scarlet Brotherhood to lull Sasserine into a false sense of security for a Brotherhood assault from the sea.

Gladiatorial Challenges

The Sasserine Arena is one of the more popular entertainment venues in Sasserine. Fights are scheduled at minimum once per week by an organization of mercenaries, hunters, and explorers known as Zelkarune’s Horns. Fights in the Sasserine Arena are generally not to the death, but are often deadly.

If you are from the Champion’s District:

The blood of an arena champion flows in your veins, giving you a thirst for glory and a drive to succeed.

You get a +2 bonus on Intimidate skill checks. In addition, whenever you successfully demoralize an opponent using the Intimidate skill during combat you are immediately healed of 1d4 points of nonlethal damage.


Anteki Alresian (human male): Anteki is an ambassador from the sinister Shadow. He maintains a civil and even respectable veneer, but many suspect him of having ulterior motives in Sasserine.
Neldrak Lorchester (human male): Lord of Lorchester Manor and representative of Champion’s District in Sanction. Neldrak has a reputation of being canny and scheming.
Tormagal Gred (human male): Tormagal, a no-nonsense and humorless man, is the high priest of the church of Chayus.
Urik Toregson (human male): Master of Toregson Manor and owner of the Smith’s Guildhall in Merchant District, Urik is a popular figure who’s made a name for himself in staged fights at the Arena.
Zasker Grankus (human male): A likable (if intimidating) one-time barbarian, Zasker runs the group of hunters and mercenaries known as the Iron Brigade.


1: Six Swords Tavern (tavern)
2: Rumblegut’s (tavern/inn)
3: Sasserine Sendings (messenger service)
4: Lorchester Manor (district representative)
5: Zelkarune’s Hall (museum and adjunct to Arena)
6: Redwall Stable
7: Sasserine Arena
8: The Trophy Hunter (curio shop)
9: Moneylender’s Guildhall
10: Gladiator’s Best (fine weapons)
11: Toregson Manor (minor noble)
12: The Tipsy Troglodyte (tavern)
13: Three Dwarves Digging (tavern/gaming hall)
14: Champion’s Corner Stable
15: Aunt Kylie’s (brothel)
16: Lanternlighter’s Guildhall
17: Champion’s Garrison
18: Museum of Mayhem (museum of Arena battles)
19: Shrine of Norebo (god of gambling)
20: House of Kord (district church)
21: Shrine of Llerg (god of beasts and strength)
22: Fendal’s Pets (exotic pets and guard beasts)
23: Liomar’s Links (fine chainmail products)
24: Vildivar’s (bows, arrows, ranged weapons)
25: Bee in the Bottle (potions)
26: Kord’s Quencher (tavern)
27: The Catapulter (tavern/gaming hall)
28: Champion’s Lighthouse
29: The Hidden Vortex (fortune teller)
30: Snaver’s Kennel (animal trainer)
31: Spells for Swords (magic shop)
32: Kord’s Market (general goods, weapons, armor, metalwork)
33: Scarlet Embassy
34: Shrine of Kelanen (god of swords)


Champions District

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