Scarlet Brotherhood

Symbol: A four-pointed wavy-armed black cross on a field of red.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Scarlet Brotherhood is a society of fighting monks, rogues, and assassins dedicated to rebuilding the Ancient Suel Empire on the backs of their racial and cultural inferiors. The Brotherhood traces its history more than a thousand years, when the great human Suloise Empire stood at the zenith of five millennia of cultural accomplishment. The society survived the empire’s conflagration in the devastating Rain of Colorless Fire, migrating east across the continent and settling in the forbidding Tilvanot Peninsula, Since that disaster. the Brotherhood has schemed in secret to preserve the culture and way of life of the Suel Imperium. In a recent continental war the Brotherhood struck from the shadows to conquer several maritime nations, including the Sea Princes who once held Sasserine. As a result Brotherhood agents are tolerated-barely in the city, where they focus on issues of trade and exploration and claim interest in working with—rather than against—the citizens.

Enemies and Allies: Members of the Scarlet Brotherhood present themselves to the outside world as contemplative advisers and martial artists. The organization’s monopoly on Oerik’s southeastern seas gives them considerable economic influence, and their colonial outposts reach as far as the southwest shores of Hepmonaland and deep into the Volhoun Ocean. Outside their expanding empire their members are considered spies and must live in hiding.

Members: With almost no exceptions, members must be humans of Suel extraction. The Brotherhood occasionally dupes members of other races into acting as their catspaws, but seldom allows those of unpure lineage to join the organization. Members may worship only Suel deities such as Kord and Wee Jas.

Type: Government (racial).

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: Most Brotherhood agents fall into three varieties. Cousins are generally rogues or cutpurses—folks who travel in shadow and who have the social skills necessary to support the Brotherhood’s agenda in the outside world. Those who serve primarily to assassinate the enemies of the orders are known as uncles and aunts, with elder assassins sometimes called foster uncles or foster aunts. Monks, who form the backbone of the society, are referred to as brothers and sisters or, in the case of elders, fathers and mothers. Other members use military ranks or lesser designations.

Executive Powers: Assassinate, Harvest, Law, Shadow War, Terrorize.

Scarlet Brotherhood

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