Index of Goods And Services

Merchants and Services

  • Arms and Armor
  • Gladiator’s Best (fine weapons)
  • Liomar’s Links (fine chainmail products)
  • Vildivar’s (bows, arrows, ranged weapons)
    Tharvel’s Hides (fine hides and leather goods)
    Delthar’s Protections (fine weaponry)
    The Metal-Skinned Dwarf (fine armor)
    Shank’s Collectibles (cheap weapons)


  • Bee in the Bottle (potions)
  • Spells for Swords (magic shop)
  • Little Sunrises (magical light sources)
  • Glittermane’s Vault (magic shop)
  • Orimander’s Emporium of the Soul (magic shop/ Bookshop)
  • Blenak’s Bazaar (magic shop and Knowledge [arcane])


  • Venton’s (knowledge [local])
  • The Upwards House
  • Highwall House (knowledge [geography])
  • House of Lords (knowledge [nobility and Royalty])
  • Blenak’s Bazaar (magic shop and Knowledge [arcane])
  • Callisto’s Needle (tattoo parlor and Knowledge [the planes])
  • Meadowdusk’s (knowledge [nature])
  • The Endless Dark (knowledge [dungeoneering])
  • Historian’s Guild (knowledge [history])


  • Viltashel’s Favors (moneylender)
  • The Warden’s Vault (moneylender)
  • Coins from Above (moneylender)
  • Honest Branks’ (moneylender)
  • Curio’s, Books, and Fortune Tellers
  • The Trophy Hunter (curio shop)
  • The Hidden Vortex (fortune teller)
  • Enad’s Trickery (curio shop)
  • Selder’s Tales (cheap novels)
  • The Dancing Monkey (curio shop)
  • The Inner Labyrinth (occult books)
  • The Curious Chimera (bookstore)
  • The Crystal’s Whisper (curio shop)
  • Whispers on the Wind (fortune teller)

Animals, Hunting, Guides

  • Nate’s Nets (nets, fine fishing equipment)
  • Sasserine Whaling
  • Red Sea Whaling
  • Redwall Stable
  • Champion’s Corner Stable
  • Fendal’s Pets (exotic pets and guard beasts)
  • Snaver’s Kennel (animal trainer)
  • Marshwarden’s Hall (guides for local marshes)
  • The Sacred Hound (dog trainers)
  • Emerald Journeys (guides for Amedio jungle)
  • Sasserine Tours (guides to the city)
  • Cages of Plenty (exotic pets)

Other Specialized Goods

  • Best Bait and Deserts (bait and bakery)
  • Bizwor’s Balms (medicine and seasickness cures)
  • Waleworks (fine scrimshaw art)
  • Eva’s Boat Rentals
  • Marketplace Hall
  • Costumes and Fantasies (exotic clothing/costumes)
  • Domskio’s Consortium (puppets and toys)
  • Gentle Nelli’s (apothecary) Shadowshore 14
  • It Still Floats! (cheap boats and ships)
  • The Singing Rose (perfumes and oils)
  • Welcome Home (home sales)


  • East Market (general goods, seafood, animals)
  • Kord’s Market (general goods, weapons, armor, metalwork)
  • Fishback Market (general goods, seafood, trinkets, jewelry)
  • Harbor Market (general goods, imported goods, minor magic, food, entertainment)
  • West Market (general goods, lumber, livestock)
  • High Market (general goods, exotic wares, jewelry, magic)


  • Building by Design (construction)
  • Krexin Imports (exotic imports)
  • Amedio Trading Concern (import/export)
  • Thunder River Lumber


  • Black Crab (brewery)
  • Sesker’s Whiskers (brewery)
  • Laughing Shark (brewery)
  • Crab Pond Ale (brewery)
  • Lumberjacker Ale (brewery)
  • Sasserine Distillery (rum factory)

General Goods

  • Three Thin Cats (general goods)
  • Gilvery’s Goods (general goods)
  • Corner Groceries (general goods)
  • Neldrek’s Goods (general goods)
  • Dawn Market (general goods)
  • Tepinal’s Wares (general goods)
  • Leldibar’s Shop (general goods)


  • Sasserine Sendings (messenger service)
  • Rooftop Solutions (messenger service)

Arts and Crafts

  • Ropemaker’s Guildhall
  • Inker’s Guildhall (tattoo artists)
  • Carpenter’s Guildhall
  • Stonemason’s Guildhall
  • Locksmith’s Guildhall
  • Baker’s Guildhall
  • Candlemaker’s Guildhall
  • Glassblower’s Guildhall
  • Jeweler’s Guildhall
  • Gemcutter’s Guildhall
  • Weaver’s Guildhall
  • Spicemerchant’s Guildhall
  • Basketweaver’s Guildhall
  • Tailor’s Guildhall
  • Leatherworker’s Guildhall
  • Smith’s Guildhall
  • Cooper’s Guildhall
  • Alchemist’s Guildhall
  • Wheellwright’s Guildhall
  • Actor’s Guildhall
  • Musician’s Guildhall
  • Coffinmaker’s Guildhall
  • Instrument Maker’s Guildhall
  • Trapmaker’s Guildhall
  • Sailmaker’s Guildhall
  • Shipwright’s Guildhall


  • Dredger’s Guildhall
  • Pearl diver’s Guildhall
  • Whaler’s Guildhall
  • Fishmonger’s Guildhall
  • Moneylender’s Guildhall
  • Lantern lighter’s Guildhall
  • Street sweeper’s Guildhall
  • Rat catcher’s Guildhall
  • Chimney sweep’s Guildhall
  • Purifier’s Guildhall (water tower maintenance)
  • Merchant’s Guildhall
  • Cobbler’s Guildhall
  • Tavernkeeper’s Guildhall
  • Scrivener’s Guildhall (scribes)
  • Barber’s Guildhall
  • Butcher’s Guildhall
  • Scavenger’s Guildhall (finders of lost objects)
  • Teamster’s Guildhall
  • Launderer’s Guildhall
  • Tanner’s Guildhall
  • Innkeeper’s Guildhall
  • Riverman’s Guildhall (gondola service)
  • Barrister’s Guildhall
  • Courtesan’s Guildhall
  • Cartographer’s Guildhall
  • Taxidermist’s Guildhall
  • Tobacconist’s Guildhall

Mercenary Guilds

  • The Notched Axe (mercenary guild)
  • Black Shield Company (mercenary guild)

The Empty Grave (tavern)
The Drunken Dolphin (whaler tavern)
Six Swords Tavern (tavern)
Kord’s Quencher (tavern)
Tentooth’s Taphouse (tavern)
The Barrelhouse (tavern)
Fast Vera’s (tavern)
Bent Bertha’s (tavern)
The Silverlode (tavern)
The Legless Stork (tavern)
The Painted Hare (tavern)
Fishfood (tavern)
The Rasp (tavern)
The Unexpected Monkey (tavern)
Stirge in the Stew (tavern)
The Ticklish Ogre (tavern)
The Drunk Bear (tavern/mead shop)
Rusty Pirate (tavern)
Fifteen Horses and a Mule (tavern)
The Skinned Man (tavern)
The Restless Lion (tavern)
The Shivering Cat (tavern)
The Hungry Gorilla (tavern)

The Bloodthirsty Pelican (tavern/inn)
Remblegut’s (tavern/inn)
The Thrice-Born Phoenix (inn)
The Whispering Anvil (tavern/inn)
The Burning Dragon (inn)
Fenter’s Place (inn)
The Bent Goblin (inn)
The Strumpet’s Excuse (inn)
The Pearl and the Parrot (tavern/inn)
Ancestor’s Rest (inn)
The Narrow House (inn)
Coffinsquatters (inn)
The Plucked Parrot (inn/tavern)
Winmester’s (inn)

Brothels and Bathhouses
The Gull’s Nest (brothel)
The Mermaids Secret (brothel)
The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (tavern/brothel)
Aunt Kylie’s (brothel)
The Painted Vixen (brothel)
The Crimson Genie (brothel)
Heinvar’s Baths (bathhouse)
The Minx Market (brothel)
Featherwhisper’s (bathhouse)
The Velvet Hatch (brothel)
Last Ditch Lovers (brothel)

Gaming Halls
Three Dwarves Digging (tavern/gaming hall)
The Catapulter (tavern/gaming hall)
Gregair’s Place (tavern/gaming hall)
Imp’s Folly (tavern/gaming hall)
Fishlip’s Games (tavern/gaming hall)
Alinara’s Vixens (gaming hall)
The Bridgehouse (gaming hall)
The Hunter’s Trap (tavern/gambling hall)

Index of Goods And Services

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