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This campaign assumes your starting character is a Sasserine native, and as such you can expect to know a fair amount in advance about the city. This Wiki presents everything you’ll need to know about your new home town, from an exhaustive list of every major shop and tavern to the names of famous locals and the rumors currently circulating in the streets and taprooms. Look through this Wiki and pick your character’s home district.

Sasserine itself is governed by a group of seven noble families called the Dawn Council, each representing one of the city’s seven districts. Likewise, each district has a common church or faith shared by many of its citizens. When you create your character, you should bear the nature of your district’s nobility and religion in mind, although you aren’t required to pick the same deity or ally your interests with those of your council representative.

Sasserine (Large City): Conventional; AL NG; Population 15,650; 40,000 gp limit; Assets 31,300,000 gp; Mixed (77% human, 6% half-elf, 5% halfl ing, 4% gnome, 4% dwarf, 2% elf, 1% half-orc, 1% other).

Sasserine is divided up into several distinct districts.Each district has a Representative in the Sasserine Government. The districts are listed below

Sasserine Districts
Azure District
Champions District
Cudgel District
Merchant District
Noble District

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Surrounding area
Castle Teraknian

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